Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle !!

Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle: 

- Spices like ajwain powder (bishop’s weed), cumin, turmeric, and black cumin are good for enhancing fertility. Here cumin purifies the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men. While turmeric improve the interaction between hormones and targeted tissues.

- Consumption of dairy proteins, like milk, panir (cheese made from milk) & lassi (buttermilk). 
- Eating soaked almonds or walnuts.
- Drink juicy sweet fruits like peaches, plums, mangoes and pears are suitable.
- People with good digestion can eat urad daal (Split Black Gram) cooked with equal composition of turmeric, cumin, coriander, and fennel. They also can eat banana cooked in ghee, cinnamon, and cardamom as dessert dish.
- Food to avoid includes high fat foods and that containing preservatives.
- Intake of Caffeine should be restricted in case woman is having trouble conceiving.
- Limit the consumption of Refined carbs, like white bread, pasta and rice.
- Strictly restrict the smoking, eating a lot of meat, or consuming alcohol.
- Keeping a positive attitude is necessary when trying to get conceive. Stress can impair chance of fertility in women.
- Maintaining BMI is always a help. If woman is underweight, then reproductive system will negatively affect because of the body's inability to maintain a pregnancy. Being overweight or obese may reduces a woman's chances of getting pregnant.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bowel Health !!

Bowel Health:

Bowel functioning is directly related with the eating. 

A healthy bowel action means it should be effortless when one go to sit on the toilet. If you are having to push or strain to get the proper bowels movement, that means the bowels are not efficiently working as per capacity.

One should empty the bowels effortlessly each day considering we are eating every day. As per the food taken, the bowl movement & performance may vary from person to person.

http://www.divyagarbhsanskar.com/What we can do to make effective bowels function. The bowels are getting rid of what the body does not want. In case bowels are not getting rid of unwanted items then the items stays within the body. If people are not emptying their bowels effectively they may get hard or nauseated. This may cause headaches, stomach cramps and pains.

The bowels can work well if you take enough water and the food with fibre content. The best sources of fibre are fruits and vegetables, whole grains. For proper bowel movements one also need to consume bulk water, so it helps like a sponge. In case of lack of water it can’t be soaked up.

One must consult the doctor about bowels conditions whenever you feel change in the bowel pattern or find bleeding from the bowel. 

The people that are likely to have bowel movement issues are primarily the elderly or the pregnant women. In some cases the bowels motion slow down & in some cases it get fast. Here again the fibre and fluid intake helps.

For normal bowel working of "clearing out the bad stuff and getting rid of the toxins from body"; one need to take care of quality of liquid & food content. 

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Sunflower seeds & skin disorders !!

Sunflower seeds and skin disorders:

As per study, sunflower seed proteins will help in curing itchy and
scratchy skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. 

sunflower seeds have naturally occurring cyclic peptides (small proteins)  that inhibit over-activity of the proteases (enzymes) responsible for regulating skin’s regeneration.

Skin is having Proteases that is responsible for shedding old cells from the skin’s surface by breaking the connections which normally hold them together as part of a protective barrier. The skin disorders that can result from this over-shedding of skin cells have far-reaching health, psychosocial and economic impacts for sufferers. This process requires a balancing mechanism to maintain healthy skin structure and thickness – if there is too much activity the skin becomes more permeable and susceptible to allergies, infection and water loss (dryness).

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