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Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by MANSUKH PATEL from MUMBAI

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by MANSUKH PATEL from MUMBAI 

This testimonial is going to be like an essay of our experiences. First I thought we would highlight few things but then I changed my mind to add maximum details. I am Mansukh, my wife’s name is Dimpi & we have named our daughter – Eeshi. So let’s begin…
A) Background :
I & Dimpi had been married for almost six years when we decided to have a baby. Dimpi had heard about garbh sanskar and some interesting things about it. We did not have time to go and attend classes, so we started looking for some stuff online for grabh sanskar, right from pre conception stage. We went through a lot of stuff on the web and did some research till our destiny sighted www.divyagarbhsanskar.com and Dr. Anand Dhingra. To be frank, initially we were very skeptical about it. But we spoke with Dr. Anand Dhingra, saw his amazing impressive video on youtube and attended 2 free classes (Sun gazing & Contra indicative food). We were impressed with his first 2 class on how he was not asking us to follow without reasons. But we were still skeptical if all the classes will be of same quality or only trial classes are good. Finally our speculations ended when my wife spoke to one of the reference ‘Anita Bhatt’ who gave us excellent reviews on entire course. That was the day we decided to enroll ourselves for the classes. We decided to follow as much as we can with 200 percent from our side.

B) The class journey :
We started the sessions sometime in Oct/Nov 2013. We used to wait for Sundays for classes to happen. After lot of persuasion from Dr. Anand Dhingra, and adjusting our work schedules, we went to Gayatri Dham, Sendhwa for 10 days naturopathy camp for mind, body & soul purification. This was the first turning point of our journey. This camp changed us, our bodies completely and our thinking entirely. This 10 days with Pandit Mevalal Patidarji taught us in real sense, how should we live in this world. We came back fresh from this camp and started following all the classes as much as we could, with complete heart & faith in Dr. Anand. Briefly all I could say is his classes on Music, Videos, Telepathy, Positive thinking, Various variations of Mantras, Daily routine, Food habits, Yoga, Meditation – Garbh samvad, How to avoid miscarriages, Sun therapies, Chakras, Dos & Donts, Navratri Sadhna, Timing of conception and many more were just awesome. We conceived sometime in July 2014. Our entire journey was smooth, there was just one mistake we did (if I could recollect) and that is my wife used to take sugar with milk. And during GCT test she was diagnosed with gestational diabetics(Not very high, but slightly above the border line). Immediately, Anandji took a class on the topic and within 2 weeks the sugar level was back to normal. And thus this wonderful journey completed when our baby girl Eeshi arrived on 4th day of chaitra navratri with normal delivery, inspite of Dimpi having pendulous abdomen in Mar 2015.

C) Daily Routine (Please note some food items in these are to be avoided after conception, Please consult with Dr. Anand before you follow it)
1) Take bhasma with honey(taken 2 times by dimpi), Giloy-Awla juice, Aloevera, methi dana (Jeevan Kalpataru, available from gayatri dham) & Cow urine.
2) Yoga, Pranayam, Mantra jap, Sun gazing
3) Milk with brahmakamal somgrath (By dimpi)
4) Have 35 kismis, 10 black rasins, 10 badam, 1 Anjir & 2 pieces of walnut (Soaked in water overnight)
5) Home made Breakfast.
6) Overall Walking of almost 1.5 to 2 hours daily
7) Massage tummy with ghee & in the last month with badam oil
8) Garbha pushti yagya & balivesh
9) We had made a list of qualities which the baby should have. I would keep my hand on Dimpi’s tummy and read those qualities daily to our baby everyday before going to sleep. This made my bond with the baby very very strong. And there used to lot of movements when I used to do it.
10) Sun charged water & cooking oil.
11) Strictly no outside food, only simple home made food was consumed.

Other tasks done by us: 1) No Saas bahu TV serials. Used to watch Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma, Discovery, National Geographic channels & Mahabharat. We had downloaded 9hrs video of conversation between Arjun & Krishna from old Mahabharata and used to watch it almost everyday in parts. We also watched the Yoga for pregnancy series by Ramdev baba. We had also downloaded all music videos and used to play it on TV.
2) Books read – ‘ If Truth Be Told : A Monk's Memoir’ by Om Swami
3) No Hindi Masala movies, if I remember we watched a Marathi movie ‘Dr Prakash Baba Amte’, ‘Secret’ movie & hindi movie – ‘PK’
4) Body massage with olive oil
5) Jalneti (mostly by me)

D) Results
1) Dimpi had pendulous abdomen, Inspite of that she had a normal delivery. An experience which definitely needs to be mentioned here; during her labour pains the baby had not come down & the doctors said her that we may have to do a C section if the baby does not come down in some more time. At that moment Dimpi prayed to the supreme power & his various forms to help her with normal delivery. Within no time she experienced the strength & the presence of the divine energy around her. The baby took its position & Eeshi was born with few minutes. After delivery when Dimpi described to me her labour experience; I told her I was meditating at the same time (just before Eeshi’s birth) for normal delivery. We now understand the power of meditation – A beautiful & unforgettable experience of our life.
2) I still follow the same daily routine and my weight initially reduced by 13 kgs and now I have regained some weight which is in good normal range. My actual age and body age is same now(Earlier my body was 10 years older than me)
3) Eeshi was holding her neck right from day 1
4) Since Eeshi was 2 months old, whenever she would wake up, we used to take her to bathroom to do toilet and since then, she is doing toilet in bathroom whenever she wakes up
5) I share a strong with my daughter right from conception stage
6) Eeshi used to move her neck on both sides right from early days
7) Eeshi had healthy weight of 3.5 kgs on birth. Her weight had doubled in 3 months. A very healthy sign of healthy baby according to doctors
8) Eeshi would cry looking at her mom whenever she wants milk & would cry looking at me whenever she wanted her to be lifted
9) Eeshi attempted to say ‘Om’ when she was just 3 months old.

E) Special Mention of Shri N S Parmarji

Our testimonial will be incomplete without mentioning our regards to Shri N S Parmarji – a truly super human on earth.
1) We had received a mail from Dr Anand Dhingra, when we were attending naturopathy camp at sendhwa. The email mentioned how a small ritual was done by Shri N S Parmarji before conception.
2) Immediately when we finished our camp, we went to Baroda and had a wonderful time with him.
3) We met him another couple of times and did the rituals, before we conceived and he shared lot of good information with us at soul level and gave the right directions every time.
4) All the 3 sanskars including punsvan sanskar of our daughter were performed by him during pregnancy.
5) After birth of Eeshi, we went and met him again. During this visit, the information shared about our baby by him will always remain itched in our memory. He said: This is a great soul.

I think we are blessed to get in touch with 3 three great souls – Dr. Anand Dhingra, Shri N S Parmarji & Pandit Mevalal Patidarji who have transformed our lives and helped us in bringing a divine soul into our lives. I would recommend this journey to all the couples planning for a divine baby.
Mansukh Patel & Dimpi

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Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle !!

Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle: 

- Spices like ajwain powder (bishop’s weed), cumin, turmeric, and black cumin are good for enhancing fertility. Here cumin purifies the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men. While turmeric improve the interaction between hormones and targeted tissues.

- Consumption of dairy proteins, like milk, panir (cheese made from milk) & lassi (buttermilk). 
- Eating soaked almonds or walnuts.
- Drink juicy sweet fruits like peaches, plums, mangoes and pears are suitable.
- People with good digestion can eat urad daal (Split Black Gram) cooked with equal composition of turmeric, cumin, coriander, and fennel. They also can eat banana cooked in ghee, cinnamon, and cardamom as dessert dish.
- Food to avoid includes high fat foods and that containing preservatives.
- Intake of Caffeine should be restricted in case woman is having trouble conceiving.
- Limit the consumption of Refined carbs, like white bread, pasta and rice.
- Strictly restrict the smoking, eating a lot of meat, or consuming alcohol.
- Keeping a positive attitude is necessary when trying to get conceive. Stress can impair chance of fertility in women.
- Maintaining BMI is always a help. If woman is underweight, then reproductive system will negatively affect because of the body's inability to maintain a pregnancy. Being overweight or obese may reduces a woman's chances of getting pregnant.

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Bowel Health !!

Bowel Health:

Bowel functioning is directly related with the eating. 

A healthy bowel action means it should be effortless when one go to sit on the toilet. If you are having to push or strain to get the proper bowels movement, that means the bowels are not efficiently working as per capacity.

One should empty the bowels effortlessly each day considering we are eating every day. As per the food taken, the bowl movement & performance may vary from person to person.

http://www.divyagarbhsanskar.com/What we can do to make effective bowels function. The bowels are getting rid of what the body does not want. In case bowels are not getting rid of unwanted items then the items stays within the body. If people are not emptying their bowels effectively they may get hard or nauseated. This may cause headaches, stomach cramps and pains.

The bowels can work well if you take enough water and the food with fibre content. The best sources of fibre are fruits and vegetables, whole grains. For proper bowel movements one also need to consume bulk water, so it helps like a sponge. In case of lack of water it can’t be soaked up.

One must consult the doctor about bowels conditions whenever you feel change in the bowel pattern or find bleeding from the bowel. 

The people that are likely to have bowel movement issues are primarily the elderly or the pregnant women. In some cases the bowels motion slow down & in some cases it get fast. Here again the fibre and fluid intake helps.

For normal bowel working of "clearing out the bad stuff and getting rid of the toxins from body"; one need to take care of quality of liquid & food content. 

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Sunflower seeds & skin disorders !!

Sunflower seeds and skin disorders:

As per study, sunflower seed proteins will help in curing itchy and
scratchy skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. 

sunflower seeds have naturally occurring cyclic peptides (small proteins)  that inhibit over-activity of the proteases (enzymes) responsible for regulating skin’s regeneration.

Skin is having Proteases that is responsible for shedding old cells from the skin’s surface by breaking the connections which normally hold them together as part of a protective barrier. The skin disorders that can result from this over-shedding of skin cells have far-reaching health, psychosocial and economic impacts for sufferers. This process requires a balancing mechanism to maintain healthy skin structure and thickness – if there is too much activity the skin becomes more permeable and susceptible to allergies, infection and water loss (dryness).

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Mother’s stress hormone levels & fetus health !!

Mother’s stress hormone levels & fetus health:

For the natural growth of fetus, the supply of glucose from mother to fetus is essential.
Glucocorticoids, the stress hormones levels regulates metabolism in the fetus. Stress occurrence due to physical, mental or social environment adversely raises the levels of hormones.

A pregnant woman naturally get the glucocorticoid corticosterone via drinking water. The treatment to produce glucocorticoid levels in the mother is like that appears in stressful conditions.

Placenta is the organ that supplies all of the substances required for fetus growth.

As per study, When corticosterone is given in later pregnancy and in unlimited eating conditions, the pregnant woman though eat more but her placenta was unable to transport glucose to the fetus proportionately. This leads to a decrease in the fetus size. This effect was not seen when the hormone was visualize in pregnancy's early stages i.e. when the diet is in limited condition. Actually in stress conditions and with an unlimited diet, the activity of certain genes in the placenta get modify. The modified genes includes "gene Redd1" which signals availability of oxygen and also to interact with intracellular pathways that regulates growth and nutrient supply in body tissues.

As per study that maternal glucocorticoids regulate foetal nutrition by acting on the placenta. The glucocorticoid levels in pregnant women determine the nutrients received by the fetus and influence the long term metabolic health.
The stress hormone reduced the ability of the placenta to pass essential nutrients to the fetus.

Women who get stressed during pregnancy or those who are clinically treated with glucocorticoids, the extent to which changes in the ability of the placenta to transport nutrients to the fetus exacerbate or protect the child from the potential adverse effects of glucocorticoid overexposure during pregnancy.

By working on diet, a mother can fight the adverse effects of stress hormones on the human placenta. Would be mother’s ‘hormonal profile’ should be observed for a healthy pregnancy & healthy fetus.

Since research is going on, it will always be better to take advice of doctor or health consultant regarding stress hormone levels & fetus health.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dental Care during Pregnancy !!

Dental Care during Pregnancy:

Before a woman plan pregnancy, it is important to maintain the health of teeth and gums. Woman need to brush the teeth and gentle massage the gum-line twice a day. For brushing purpose, woman may opt a soft toothbrush with fluoride tooth paste. Woman usually feel more comfortable in taking any dental treatment before pregnancy as compared to post pregnancy due to morning sickness or tiredness at the time pregnancy.

Even though a pregnancy does not have any role in dental decay. Usually dental health get linked to premature delivery and thus healthy teeth and gums is one of the safe pregnancy assurance.

During pregnancy period, consult the dentist on how to take care of teeth & gums.The doctor take all care in prescribing medicines to a pregnant woman as the medicine may affect baby's developing teeth.

At the time of facing the morning sickness or gastric reflux (heartburn) issue particularly during first trimester, the acidic stomach contents can coat the teeth while vomiting. The acid coat may cause the dental erosion which enhances the risk of tooth decay by dissolving tooth enamel.
It is advised not to brush the teeth for half an hour immediately after vomiting or acid reflux. Just rinse mouth with water after every vomit to wash out the acid content. Half an hour time is enough for enamels to recover from the acid attack.
Applying fluoride toothpaste on your teeth can help strengthen enamel. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and helps to prevent tooth decay.

To prevent plaque formation, brush the teeth and massage the gums twice a day. This cleaning need to be done after breakfast and at night before going to sleep.

As far as possible dental x-rays should be avoided during pregnancy. If x-ray is extremely essential then it should be performed under specialist observation and supervision.

Avoid the food such as sugary or acidic snacks that enhances the chance of tooth decay and erosion. Consume foods which are low in sugar, fat and salt but rich in fibre. Rinse mouth with tap water between each meal.

For a pregnant woman, the calcium intake in any form is extremely essential as it decides the health of baby's teeth and bones as well. The needed calcium and phosphorus comes from mother's diet like dairy foods. Teeth and bones of a 4 month fetus begins demands for minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

Sources of calcium:
- Milk and milk products
- Dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt (such as soy milk with added calcium)
- non-fat or skim yoghurt
- spinach

Consult the doctor & a dietitian for their recommendation particularly for mineral rich food or supplements intake during pregnancy.

There is possibility of passing the tooth decay which may cause bacteria transfer to fetus. Newborn babies may have bacteria in the mouth causing the tooth decay. Mother can reduce  the probability of bacteria passed to her baby by maintaining their own teeth healthy. It is necessary to have treatment of own tooth decay as priority to reduce amount of bacteria in the mouth.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Pregnancy & Relationship with Partner

Pregnancy & Relationship with the partner:

Pregnancy & the baby might bring behavioral changes among pregnant couple's relationship. These
changes occur smoothly for some couples & some may feel resistance to these changes. Some couple might think that pregnancy & baby birth effect their physical relationship.

There is no thumb rule for Pregnant couple's behavior during pregnancy period. Its individual decision regarding the way to deal with worries, problems, pleasure, joy and the waiting.

Male partner may need time to adjust to pregnancy as he is biologically not connected as much as his partner does. Partner should feel more involved & be supportive in partner's pregnancy/health concern.

Many a times male partner get a feel of pregnancy after seeing the baby during the ultrasound. This is the time he feels sense of involvement with unborn baby.

Mutually sharing of feelings is a great step towards understanding the each others emotions during pregnancy. It's also important to remember that the rules for pregnancy period may vary from person to person.

Pregnancy time is an emotional phase for couples & there might be chances of argument during pregnancy which is quite normal. These arguments may be about some particular things or worry about the ongoing changes happening in lives due to pregnancy phase. Couple need to work on about how to deal with these problems, and on how to adjust with the changes that are soon to arrive.

Couple need to acknowledge that they are going through an emotional challenging phase. Need to implement advises regarding woman's health, nutritional diet, deal with labor time during pregnancy. Presence of partner & dear ones during pregnancy period is always an advantage to the pregnant woman & her baby. As a sensible partner, you might wonder on how to cope seeing the partner in pain and whether you will be able to help her. It is stressful for partner supporting his partner in labor.

Based on mutual will, feelings & with all considering regarding pregnancy complications, it will be safe to have physical sex relations while pregnancy. By nature the uterus is sealed off by the muscles of the cervix and a plug of mucus.

Due to physical sickness & tiredness, women may lose interest in having sex during their first trimester. The feelings regarding sex drive may change during the middle months of the pregnancy. Though women may find some sex positions being odd to perform with ease. Many couples find that side by side positions works best for them.
At pregnancy's later stages, having an orgasm might cause "Braxton Hicks" contractions due to which muscles of her uterus may go hard. In this case, she just need to lie quietly until the contractions stop naturally. The contractions will not harm the baby at all. Consult the doctor for advice about having sex during pregnancy particularly when she had a previous miscarriage or has bleeding during current pregnancy.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Diet and nutrition essential for mental health

Diet and nutrition essential for mental health:

There is an important relationships between the diet quality, nutritional deficiencies and mental health.

Maternal and early life nutrition is the key factor in the high prevalence of mental disorders. Nutrition is important factor in mental health outcomes in children.

Nutrient based prescription has the potential to assist in the management of mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Study suggests that nutrients like omega-3s, B vitamins (folate, B12), iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, amino acids are having a direct link with brain health. It will be good to consume these nutrients in the diet form as far as possible. Nutrient supplements may also be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Many studies have shown relation between healthy nutritional diet and a reduced risk for depression across people. It is need of time to consider diet and additional nutrients to manage the mental ill health.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Vitamin D and Pregnancy:

The important role of Vitamin D in the body is to help in strengthening the muscle and bone; by
absorbing the calcium from food eaten. In other words; Calcium supports the bones and teeth structure while vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth. Vitamin D gives protection against cancer,  heart disease and diabetes.

Vitamin D is responsible for the development of bones of fetus in case of pregnancy. The deficiency of vitamin D can affect the baby's bone strength which may cause a bone deformity known as rickets.

Sun is good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is generated in skin by means of sun’s ultraviolet rays & for this one just need sunlight exposure. Food sources of Vitamin D are from Cheese, butter, fortified milk, fortified cereals etc.

It is necessary to have your Vitamin D level checked by means of a blood test; before pregnancy or in early pregnancy.
If the level found too low, one has to consume vitamin D supplements under medical supervision.

If a would be mother is Vitamin D deficient during the pregnancy then the new born baby may not get enough vitamin D through breast milk. So the baby should consume vitamin D supplements under doctor's advise and must also have sun exposure for natural consumption of vitamin D through skin absorption. 

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Vitamin K & Newborn Baby

Vitamin K & Newborn Baby:

Vitamin K has a tendency for blood clot and prevents serious bleeding. In newborns, vitamin K
injections can prevent bleeding disorder called ‘vitamin K deficiency bleeding’ (VKDB) or ‘haemorrhagic disease of the newborn’ (HDN). Vitamin K should be given to babies who are premature or sick, and babies have gone through surgery.

Babies do not get enough vitamin K from their mothers during pregnancy, or after pregnancy while breast feeding. VKDB can cause bleeding into the brain, and may result in damage to the brain. VKDB can be prevented by injecting in new babies with needed vitamin K. At the age of about 6 months, Baby's body starts building their own vitamin K.

Vitamin K can also be given by mouth although it is not as effective as when injected and the effect does not last as long.

If you choose vitamin K by mouth, your baby must have three doses:

- At birth
- At 3 to 5 days later
- In the 4th week, if the baby is fully breast fed. 
If your baby vomits within one hour of swallowing the vitamin K, the baby will need to have another dose.

All babies need to have vitamin K. Very small or premature babies may need smaller doses – your doctor can advise you about this. 

http://www.divyagarbhsanskar.com/ Vitamin K by mouth is not suitable for some babies:

Babies who are premature or sick should be given the vitamin by injection. The very small dose needed is difficult to measure by mouth, and these babies are also more likely to have feeding difficulties.
If you choose vitamin K by mouth but your baby is unwell when a dose is due, the baby may need to have the injection instead.

You should consult doctor  as a precaution:

- If your baby has any unexplained bleeding or there are any signs of jaundice (yellow colouring of the skin or whites of the eyes).
- Babies with liver problems are particularly at risk, even if they have had vitamin K.

Make sure that your baby’s vitamin K doses are recorded in the baby’s personal health record.
Talk to your doctor or healthcare worker if you need help or advice.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Emotional health during pregnancy

Emotional health during pregnancy:

A pregnant women may feel Depression, think about normal baby birth, Worry about labor pain etc.
If women think positive & work on doctor's health advises during pregnancy; surely will make the period memorable & enjoyable. Woman should talk frankly about any concerns with partner or a close one. Sharing your feelings can give you a sense of relief.

Initial fetus movement inside the womb will be an emotional experience for a pregnant women. Due to the mood swings, nausea and tiredness; women may feel low during pregnancy just like any other time of your life.

Worries and mood swings are part of pregnancy. If women feel depressed then may feel alone, may suffer lack of sleep and be more irritable than normal. Here woman must express thoughts to the doctor or counselor which then help you & sort out the queries..

Women normally have more emotionally connect with their unborn baby & feel herself being responsible for their baby's health. Woman should take self care, follow doctor's advises to raise baby's chances of being normal and healthy. Here its important to understand that this is maximum a woman can do to avoid any health risks to her baby. There might exists problems that are beyond reach & are unavoidable. Caring medical treatment and family support during pregnancy can lessen the risk of major of the problems.

http://www.divyagarbhsanskar.com/Particularly during first pregnancy, woman may have worry about labour pain. Keep in mind, each pregnancy and birth is different. Woman should discuss about labour and delivery process with doctor or antenatal consultant or friends who have recently gone through delivery process. The outcome of this discussion should help & boost mindset of pregnant woman for her better health. This can help in solving the delivery related queries.

In today's high tech world online Antenatal classes are a great way; to learn more about pregnancy phase and to discuss concerns on a common platform with other pregnant women/couple.

The key is to share your thoughts or concerns with your partner, family, doctor, antenatal consultant so that they can suggest for better health of woman & her baby.

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Planning for Pregnancy

Pregnancy planning:

For the women who are planning for pregnancy should watch for own health. pre-pregnancy health conditions determines your health during pregnancy. The healthy mother delivers healthy child.

A Pregnancy should be properly planned under guidance of doctors & antenatal consultant. Discuss regarding diet and vitamins that need to begin in pre-conception period to prepare body for upcoming pregnancy phase.

A growing fetus needs necessary energy and vital nutrients that are the building blocks for the baby. For satisfying the need of the growing fetus i.e. providing enough calories or nutrients, the would be mother should eat well balance diet during pregnancy. The pregnancy diet should not contains too much fat or sugar.
Maintaining a healthy body weight will benefit both you & the upcoming baby, that is why pre-pregnancy planning is necessary. As per doctor's advice, you need to gain weight or loss it, before due conception.
Along with suggested diet, the women may suggest to have a folate supplement before becoming pregnant.

Pre-conception planning requirement under doctor's supervision:

- Maintain Healthy weight
- A balanced diet
- Regular vitamin intake with folate
- Consumption of other vitamin supplements like calcium, vitamin D etc
- Less caffeine intake
- Health checkup of couple to check for any existing, chronic or even ‘hiding’ health conditions.
a) Diseases like the STIs chlamydia or syphilis might cause health risks for would be mother & her baby during pregnancy without any symptoms so should be taken care of. If the couple have different Rh blood type then woman may need to consume anti globulin to prevent the baby from developing Rhesus disease.
b) If you have an existing health condition such as diabetes or epilepsy, you may need to make changes to your medications when pregnant. If genetic disorders run in your family, your doctor can also do tests for conditions like cystic fibrosis which may affect your baby.
c) It’s important to ensure your vaccinations are up to date before you get pregnant. Diseases that create serious health risks for pregnant mums and babies, like chicken pox, rubella, measles, mumps, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, and hepatitis B, are preventable through vaccination. In many cases vaccinations are not safe when administered during pregnancy, so make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you get pregnant.
d) Check for sexually transmitted infections including syphilis, chlamydia and HIV

Pregnancy is a time of mental & physical changes in a woman’s life. Woman may need to prepare her mindset for upcoming pregnancy. It will be a good idea to be surrounded with like minded people, friends, consultant to share personal emotional problems when you feel anxious or depressed.

Consult doctor or antenatal consultant about how to maintain pleasing environment to feel happy irrespective of odds or issues like relationship problems, financial difficulties etc. These issues can affect you and baby’s health which should be avoided as a priority.

Pre-conceive preparation makes pregnancy pleasing and healthier for you & the new born. pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance. Pregnancy should be carefully planned and managed so that we can have control over the development phase of fetus. Do consult the doctor & antenatal consultant for a healthy & safe pregnancy.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Pregnancy and Anaemia !!

Pregnancy and Anaemia:

During pregnancy, women should not be anaemic. Anaemia occurs when there is not enough red
blood cells in the blood. The role of Red blood cells is to carry oxygen from your heart to the rest of your body organs such as brain, muscles, skin, kidneys etc. RBC are produced in bone marrow section. RBC contains a haemoglobin protein which is vital for carrying oxygen. In our diet, We should consume iron, vitamin B12 and folate for having necessary haemoglobin from them.

During pregnancy, the women need to make more blood cells or extra haemoglobin which requires consumption of enough diet having  iron, vitamin B12 and folate. Iron supplements are needed in case natural indigestion of iron by the body.

There are many other reasons that women can become anaemic which should be discussed with health care professional.

There are few tests available to perform under the guidance of a doctor like blood count test, iron levels test, vitamin B12 test and folate levels test etc.

Symptoms of Anaemia:

- Feeling tired, weak & dizzy.
- Felling out of breath constantly & find it hard to concentrate.
- Feeling abnormal heart beats.

In case of severe anaemia during pregnancy, there might be a possibility of a reduced amount of amniotic fluid around fetus. There could be chance of miscarriage, premature baby birth or having baby's low birth weight. All these can be avoided by taking self care & by following precautions as suggested by the doctors.

Healthy tips:

- Plan pregnancy with good health by consulting doctor regarding anaemia and other conditions.
- Under doctor's guidance, the consumption of folic acid supplement will help prevent anaemia, and decrease the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
- Follow a healthy diet protects against anaemia. Advice from a doctor or dietitian is suggested, and vitamin B12 supplements may be recommended. Iron is found in iron fortified breads and cereals, eggs, spinach and dried fruit. Vitamin B12 is found in eggs and dairy products. Folate are found in green leafy vegetables, beans, muesli, broccoli, beef, Brussels sprouts,
lentils, beans, tofu, and soy milk. Eating enough citrus fruit may help you absorb the iron in your food, and may help prevent anaemia.
- Avoid tea and coffee with or soon after meals.

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